Sample Letter to Creditors Advising of Bankruptcy

After being declared bankrupt, you will need to contact your creditors to let them know your situation,

The official receiver will declare some of your debts priority and some non-priority so in your letter you should add  the fact that the decision over priority and non priority debts will be left to the official receiver. The decision to pay or discharge debts will be the receiver’s decision not that of you, the debtor. The receiver will be in touch with each creditor during the bankruptcy process.

Letter to Creditors Advising of Bankruptcy- sample 1

[Debtor name – you]


[Credit Company Name]


Account No: 1234567

Dear [creditor’s name]

This letter is notification that due to unavoidable financial difficulties I have unfortunately been forced to declare bankruptcy. An official receiver has commenced with the bankruptcy process and all debts will now be assessed by the receiver. These debts will be evaluated in order of priority and the decision to either pay or discharge the debt will be made by the official receiver throughout the bankruptcy process.

It would be appreciated if any further correspondence or inquiries on this matter could be addressed to the official receiver at [name, address and telephone number]

The official receiver will be in touch regarding the status of your account in due course.

Yours sincerely


[Debtor name – you]

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