Sample Letter to Creditors on the Death of a Spouse

The letter you send to creditors after the death of your spouse does not need to go into great detail.

The details you should include are:

  1. Account number
  2. Deceased’s name and address
  3. Date of death
  4. Outstanding balance (if known)
  5. It should make clear to the creditors that there are no joint accounts or co-signatures on the account
  6. The death certificate (copy or original depending on the creditor’s requirements)

The following letter is to be used if you (the spouse) were NOT a co-signature or guarantor on the loan amount.

Letter to Creditors on the Death of a Spouse – Sample 1

[Your name]

[Name of creditor]
[Company Name]

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Account No: [number]

Notification of Death

This letter is notification that my husband/wife [name], died on [date of death]. I as the surviving spouse will be dealing with any further correspondence on this matter. There were no joint accounts or co-signatures on this account. Please find enclosed a copy of the death certificate.

If you do require further details please contact me at the above address or call me on [telephone number].

Yours faithfully

Your Name

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