Sample Overdue Payment Reminder Letters

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (complete name)

Upon checking our account records listing, it indicated that your scheduled payment on (date) is already overdue and the amount is (currency and amount). In case you paid off the amount already, please kindly disregard this sent notice.

If you have not yet pay your overdue balance, please send out your payment check and enclosed it inside the envelope with your note of full attention.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation to us.



Sample Letter # 2




Our latest record shows that payment on your registered account is now overdue and the amount is (amount here). If you settled the amount already before this letter, you can disregard this particular notice. In case you failed to pay on the agreed date, please take time to contact us at (phone number) or you can send us a check for your payment, which you can enclose inside the envelop.
We would like to thank you for your kind consideration on this matter.



(Name of representative)


Sample Letter # 3


To: (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)(Full name)

Our latest payment records indicate that your account is one of the monitored overdue clients. Should you made a payment regarding your past due amount with us, you can just disregard this letter. In case you have not mailed your check payment, please make an effort to communicate with us and settle your payment to avoid other charges or penalties.

On this matter, we thank you for understanding us!