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Acknowledgement from Publisher, Comments Referred to Author

Sample Letter # 1   Dear (Name), We would like to thank you for your commenting. This is to inform you that a copy of your letter is forwarded to the exact author for his personal response. I am definitely sure that you will hear from (name of author) as soon as he receives your […]

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Sample Letters for Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order

Sample Letter # 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER     Date:   To: (Name of Customer)   We already receive your actual order that is attached to your purchase order form. We want to confirm you about our acceptance of your order, which is only subject to the following exceptions:   (Describe exceptions depending […]

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Sample Letters for Acknowledged Receipt Of Goods

Sample Letter # 1 ACKNOWLEDGED RECEIPT OF GOODS   The undersigned individual hereby acknowledges the receipt and the delivered goods detailed on the included list/invoice. Furthermore, this letter acknowledges that delivered goods underwent proper inspection and without any defect.   Signed under seal on this _ day of _, 20_. ———————————————————————————————————————— Sample Letter #2 ACKNOWLEDGED […]

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