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Sample Letters of Acknowledged Resignation

Sample Letter # 1                                          LETTER OF ACKNOWLEDGED RESIGNATION Date: To: Please be informed that the undersigned person hereby resigns as (position, of the company and it is effective upon the acceptance of his/her letter. We […]

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Sample Letters of Resignation

Sample Letter # 1   Dear (Name of recipient), This letter is to inform you that I was given an opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge presented through enabling me to work in the exact area of my chosen preference. I want to try my luck in working as (designate new position). Therefore, I […]

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Sample Letters for Acceptance of Resignation

Sample Letter # 1 Dear (name of person who resigned)   It was really a deep regret on accepting your letter of resignation as a good(position) who worked for (name of organization). Anyway, we appreciate the exact demands that this kind of position has placed on your behalf. We truly appreciate all of your remarkable […]

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