Sample letter about removing your child from school

Whatever reason you have for withdrawing your child from school, it is a formal matter, and ideally your letter advising the school of this should:

  1. be formatted as formal correspondence
  2. include your name and mailing address
  3. include today’s date
  4. the date your child will be leaving
  5. the name and mailing address of the school
  6. be addressed to the headteacher

Address the recipient which will normally be the Headteacher or Principal, with a formal salutation such as “Dear,” and close your letter formally with “Yours sincerely,” followed by your signature. If you are enclosing other documents relevant to your child’s withdrawal from school either mention these documents in the body of your letter or simply state the number of enclosures underneath your signature by printing “Enclosures (number of enclosures)”.

Email is not usually appropriate for such a communication so post or hand deliver a letter giving notice of withdrawing your child from school.

Letter Giving Notice About Withdrawing Your Child From School – sample 1

[Parents’ names]


[Headteacher’s name]

School Name

School Address


Dear [Headteacher’s name],

We are writing to inform you that our son/daughter, [name], currently a pupil in [class name or number], [Teacher’s name’] class, will be withdrawing from [School Name] as of [date].

(This next paragraph should contain your reason for removing your child for example:)

  • Our family is moving home and we will no longer be living close enough for [child’s name] to attend [School Name].
  • [Child’s name] has been awarded a scholarship to a sport’s academy where they can spend more of their time pursuing [football, gymnastics, swimming etc].
  • We have managed to obtain a place for [child’s name] at a school closer to our home than [school’s name] and this will save us significant time and stress each day by avoiding the current long school run.

We have included all relevant forms related to [child’s name] withdrawing from [School Name].

[Child’s name] has been very happy at [school’s name] and in many ways we shall be sad to for them to leave. Please send our thanks and best wishes to all the staff for the way they have looked after and nurtured [child’s name] and best wishes for the continuing success of your school.

We would ask that you please acknowledge receipt of this letter in writing and confirm that [child’s name] will be deleted from the school’s admissions register as of [date].

Yours sincerely,

[Parent’s names – signatures]

[Parent’s names – printed]