Sample request for full refund for poor service

Asking for a refund for a service is slightly different to asking for a refund for goods as you have to show why you are unsastisfied, and it must be a valid reason, not just because you don’t like what was done.

What should a refund request letter for a service contain?

  1. The date and time of the service
  2. Where it took place
  3. How much you were charged
  4. The full reasons why you are not satisfied
  5. The reason you had the service rectified elsewhere and the costs associated (or a quote for the service)
  6. A time limit within which you expect to receive your refund.
  7. If appropriate, you can also ask for compensation for any actual loss or inconvenience caused by the service – a reasonable amount though, don’t go overboard.

See our request for refund for faulty goods letter

Letter requesting a full refund for poor service – Sample 1

[Your address]

[Their address]


Dear [worker’s name],

On [date] at [time] (select from the following two options)

1) I had an appointment with you for [name service – haircut, / tooth extraction / dog trim] OR

2) you came to my house to [name service – cut grass / mend a leak / install an oven]

This service was charged at [price], however I would like to claim a refund as I am very unhappy with the work you carried out.

(Specify the unsatisfactory work – two examples follow)

Example 1

“I asked for blonde highlights, however when my hair was dried and styled, my hair was bright yellow. I did say at the time that I was unhappy with the colour but you told me it would fade over the next few washes. It is now two weeks later and my hair is the same colour. This has caused me a lot of embarrassment and I was forced to go to another hairdresser to get the highlights toned down.”

Example 2

“You replaced a cracked pipe under the bath which had caused a leak. However, within two days the area began to collect water again and the leak is now much worse than before. I tried to contact you on several occasions but each time was told that you were not available. I left messages for you to contact me but I did not hear back from you. I therefore had to go to the expense of hiring an emergency plumber who managed to fix the problem.”

(In the UK the following sentence can be added – if you have similar laws in your country insert them here.)

Under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 you have a duty of care to carry out your work to a reasonable standard. This has not been the case in this instance and I have suffered a loss as a result.

I have enclosed a copy of the paid invoice that details the work the [alternative service worker] carried out. I expect a full refund from you as the service you carried out fell far below a standard that was satisfactory. In addition I am claiming reimbursement for my further losses for having to pay someone else to fix the problem.

I am therefore requesting the following:

  • Your [callout charge and fee  or charge for haircut / dog trim etc] on the [date] [amount]
  • The charges for the [emergency plumber / other hairdresser etc] on [date] [amount]
  • (Optional) My time and inconvenience caused to date [amount]

Please send me a cheque for [total amount] or transfer the money into my account:

Account name [account name]

Account number [123456]

Sort code [11-22-33]

If I do not receive this within 14 days I will have no option but to start proceedings against you in the small claims court and I will do so without further notice.

I expect to hear back from you within 7 days regarding this claim.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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