Sample letter advising a change in terms and conditions

chnage to terms and conditionsHow to advise a change in terms and conditions

You should keep an eye on your terms and conditions of supply and update them as and when necessary. If it is a small amendment, such as requiring an order number on all delivery notes, a letter such as the following will be sufficent, however if it is a more major change such as changing payment terms to 30 days from 60, then you should ask for written confirmation that your customer / supplier agrees with the amendment so that there are no subsequent disagreements. You can enclose a copy of the letter, to be signed and returned along with a stamped addressed envelope, or ask for email confirmation.

Letter advising a change in terms and conditions – sample 1

[Your Business Address]

[Contact name]
[Business address]


Dear Sir/ Madam [or name if known]

Amendment to terms and conditions

I am writing to advise you of a change in our terms and conditions, which affects all orders placed with us from [date].

[State the change here]

[optional] We have enclosed a copy of this letter along with a stamped addressed envelope for you to sign and return as acknowledgement of your acceptance to this change.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


[Signature over Printed Name]
[Name of Company]
[website address]
[phone number]

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