Sample letter querying the terms and conditions of an order agreement

When you place an order with a supplier, they will furnish you with the terms and conditions under which they will supply your goods. Read these carefully and make sure you query any you do not agree with, before confirming your order. If these are not clarified at this point you will be expected to comply with them in full.

Here is a sample letter querying a couple of points which may appear in a suppliers’ terms and conditions, but you can use this letter as a basis for your own query.

Letter querying the terms and conditions of an order agreement – sample 1

[Business name]
[Business address]


Dear [Name of Recipient],

Thank you for providing us with your order terms and conditions. Before we place an order with you we would like to query two of the points it contains and our willingness to work with you will depend on your answers.

Clause 4 [or however the queried section is titled] – Payment Terms

While we understand your request for payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice, we are unable to comply with this due to the way in which we make payment runs. These are done once a month on [date] and we settle all invoices due in that month at that time. We therefore do not agree to pay interest on those invoices that may appear overdue but in fact are not.

Clause 7 [or however the queried section is titled] – Delivery

We do not accept liability for goods that do not reach us in satisfactory condition. It is your responsibility to ensure safe delivery of goods to us and that they arrive in a saleable/usable condition and we will not pay for any goods that are not.

I have attached an official order form for the goods as provided in your quote dated [date]. However we would appreciate a confirmation of your acceptance of these queries by letter or email beofre the order is processed.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Your title]

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