Sample Letters for Notice of Dishonored Check

Sample Letter # 1



Date: (here)

To: (name)

We would like to inform you that a received check amounting to (currency and amount) from you on (date) has been rejected by your own bank. If we cannot receive the right agreed payable amount within (state days) after you receive this dishonored check notice, we have no other options but to file legal action to recovery our fund.

Please do not disregard this notice.

Thank You,




Sample Letter # 2



From: _

Date: _

To: _

Your submitted check from us with an amount of $_________, dated _______, 20_____, has an issue on your bank. They dishonored it upon submission and unless you settle good fund that we need until ___________ upon receipt of this important notice, we have no other choice but to file a lawsuit against you as stated on the contract.

To avoid such inconvenience, we are requesting you to contact us as soon as possible.


Respectfully truly,

(Name of Manager/Representative)



Sample Letter # 3



Date: (here

To: (here)

Amount: (here)

A check we received with and amount of (amount) on (date) has some unwanted issue. Your bank dishonored it and if we did not receive the exact collectable amount within (state deadline) after receiving this notice, we may immediately consider filing a legal case on this matter.

Again, please contact us and talk things over.



Thank You!