Letter of U.S. Tourist Visa Request sample

You can no longer apply for a tourist visa to the USA by letter. You must apply ONLINE. All the details you need to apply for one can be found on the official U.S Department of State website.  

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Resume Format

                                                  Complete Name in Bold Letters                   (Picture here) Home address: Phone number:                                               Best time to contact: Personal Email:                                               Gender: Birth date:                                                       Place of birth: Religion:                                                          Citizenship: Job Objective: (Detail job objective here, preferably in one complete sentence) Education: (Detail complete information about educational attainment here) School: Address: Field of…

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Sample cover letter for resume

Covering Letter for resume   Greg P. Ledesma 8 Opal Rd, Capitol Hills, Baguio City (340) 567 8902 Email: gregledesma@yahoo.com 2 January 2015 The Manager San Bernardino Refinery 89 Sunset Boulevards Manila Dear Sir Director of Sales I am interested in working as Director of Sales for your organization. I…

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Example of Job Application Letter

Here are some example of application letters that you can copy or modify for your personal use. Inquiring For Possible Position Referral Response to an advertisement Letter of application sample 1 Letter of application sample 2 Following up application following up on interview Letter of Application 1 (inquiring for possible…

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Sample Resume Letter Templates

Sample Letter # 1 House #, Street, City State/Province, Zip Code Full Name Here                                                                        …

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Sample Love Letters for Undying Love

Sample Letter # 1   [Name of recipient] [Designation] [Contact #] [Address]   Dear [Name]   You can definitely find countless of love letters from different people who expressed their true love. Of course, this is a normal expression of most human beings as part of our existence. Remember that…

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Sample Monthsary Letter

First love is a wonderful thing and a new relationship should be cherished and nurtured. What better way than sending an actual letter to your new love rather than a transient Facebook message or a text? A beautiful one will be treasured forever. Here are three examples which you can…

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Sample Anniversary Letter

Anniversaries are a chance to say the things that are normally taken for granted and left unsaid. Now is the time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. Anniversary letter - Sample 1: To my darling (Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner) At this special time of year we celebrate the…

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