Sample employee suspension letter

Suspending an employee is the final act in a process that starts with misconduct in the workplace by an employee. Once the decision has been made to suspend the employee a formal suspension letter should be sent to the person in question.

An employee suspension letter should include the following:

  1. When the suspension will take effect
  2. Any administrative tasks that are required of the employee
  3. Any information regarding the employee’s wages
  4. Any instructions regarding the use of your business’s property
  5. If your business has policies in place relating to a suspension, then instructions on where to find further information
  6. A warning that more may be required of the employee and that they should remain available to meet with investigators.

Employment suspension letters should be formatted formally. They should include the name, title and address of both the writer and the recipient and employ formal salutations and closings. These letters should be typed and printed with the business letterhead and delivered either via company mail, post or courier.

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Employee suspension letter – sample 1

Suspended employeeYour name
Job Title
Organisation Mailing Address


Employee’s name
Job Title
Organisation Mailing Address

Dear [Employee’s name],

Further to the complaints of gross misconduct of which you were notified on [Date] and [Date], you are hereby suspended from your position as [Position Title] with [Business Name].

These complaints, which were the subject of your disciplinary meeting with [Person or People] on [Date], will be investigated by [Person or Panel]. The investigation will take at least [Length of Time] and the results will be shared during a meeting between yourself and [Person or People]. During the investigation you will continue to receive your agreed salary, however you will need to return all company property including electronics and vehicles. You will not have access to company property or electronic systems during this investigation.

Further information on [Business]’s policies on conduct of employees can be found in [Chapter Two of the Employee Handbook, section 3a]. Information on suspensions and investigations can be found in [Chapter Five of the Employee Handbook]. Should you require clarification on any of these policies, please contact me on [Telephone Number or Email Address].

This suspension is effective as of close of business today. Please see me at [Time] to review your suspension and finalise all outstanding details.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

Job Title

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