Sample letter of thanks for working overtime

When employees work overtime to complete a project or task for you, there is no doubt that they would like to receive acknowledgement for their extra effort. A thank you letter for their overtime work would definitely be appreciated.

A thank you letter or email for working overtime should include three main topics:

  1. A thank you for working overtime
  2. Specific mention of the project which required overtime work
  3. Any potential reward to the employee. Rewards could include things such as time off in lieu of the extra work, bonuses for the extra work, the promise of a good review, potential for promotion or added responsibility.

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Letter to thank an employee for working overtime – Sample 1

[Business name]


Dear [Employee Name]

I just wanted to thank you again for all of the hard work and overtime that you put into the [name project or task]. I am well aware that if it had not been for your extra effort we may never have [specific details here eg. landed the account / been ready for oipening on time etc]

As a small token of thanks, I would like to offer you [time off e.g. two days] off in lieu for all of the overtime that you have been working recently. These days will of course be fully paid and you can feel free to take them any time this month. Please let [line manager’s name] know your plans so that they can make sure we have enough staff in on a given day, but other than that feel free to schedule these days as you wish. I only ask that you notify me by email when you and [line manager’s name] have agreed on an arrangement.

Again, thank you for your overtime work on the [Project name]. Your flexibility and willingness to pitch in when needed will not be forgotten.

Best Wishes,

[Your name]

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