Sample Letter of Appreciation to Employee

Sample 1:


Dear [Name of Employee],

On behalf of the rest of the team, I want to tell you that we appreciated all your efforts and your endless hours of service to make sure that this project is completed on time. All of us are completely grateful for what you did and we really appreciate your extra efforts to make this a complete success. We admired your ingenuity in making sure that everything is working smoothly. We also appreciate that you are staying late to guarantee that everything is ready for tomorrow before we start working.

Thank you for giving your all for the same of this company and you can expect that we at [Name of Company] will always recognize your ability.





Sample 2:


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Dear [Name of Recipient],

On behalf of the management of [Company Name], I would like to extend our endless gratitude in your work for [Name of Project]. We are very much aware that it was really a difficult project and despite the fact that we have limited number of personnel to work on it, you decided to step up and carry the missing pieces on the project.

Your enthusiasm and motivation greatly helped the team members to do their best for the project and increase their productivity. You also stepped up and do a lot of work without expecting anything in return. It is really commendable to see how you managed and organized the project and lead your team.

Please accept our appreciation for a job well done and we are sure that you can do the same on other projects on the future.

Yours truly,




Sample 3:


Dear [Name of Employee],

I am writing this letter on behalf of the management of [Name of Company]. We would like to appreciate your hard work for several years, especially your enthusiasm and unending dedication to the projects that we’ve had in the past.

Compensations and benefits will not be enough to tell you how happy we are that someone like you is working for the company. You have inspired a lot of employees to their best and you became a role model to new and old employees.

We know that in the future, you will still have this trait and motivation and continue with your excellence.

Thank you and good luck.

Yours Truly,