Sample letter to compliment an employee

A letter complimenting an employee should include some background information to explain why they are receiving the letter. Be sure to include the details of the employee’s name, job title and what the employee does in his or her job. You could include details such as how long the employee has worked for you and information on their career progression if relevant.

When you compliment your employee by letter use the following list to decide what to include:

  1. Explain the background of the event or project to which the employee contributed.
  2. Provide details of the actions you are complimenting.
  3. Discuss how the employee’s actions brought about success for the organisation.
  4. Mention how the absence of the employee’s actions would have affected the result.
  5. Highlight positive emotions or personality traits of the employee.
  6. Disclose any reward or associated benefit being offered to the employee.
  7. Thank the employee for his or her contributions to the organisation.

Format of Written Compliments to Employees

Written compliments to employees should be formatted as formal business letters. Even if you are planning to send some sort of thank you gift and attaching an informal note, a formal business letter is a good idea to add to an employee file or other record.

If you are also giving the employee a bonus or award you might prefer our sample letter for company bonus

Letter to Compliment to an Employee – sample 1

[Your name]

[Business name and address]


[Employee’s name]


[Business name]

Dear [Employee’s name],

It is my pleasure to inform you that you were the [top-selling sales associate] at [Business Name] in [year]!

(The following paragraph is an example of what you could say but change it to suit your circumstasnces)

[In addition to your exemplary sales record on the floor of the Business Name’s flagship shop, you also made huge contributions to our catalogue sales system, online sales as well as corporate sales accounts throughout the year. Your unflagging positivity, soft-sell approach to customers and willingness to work with long-standing accounts have all worked in your favour to make you 20??s Sales Associate of the Year.]

To thank you for your hard work and contributions to the business you will [mention consequences of this exceptional work e.g bonus / hamper /spa day / photo in company magazine etc]

Once again, thank you for your very successful work here at Weinstein Wines and on behalf of everyone in the organisation I would like to say well done – and keep up the good work!


[Your name]

[Your position]